Skarsdeylskaya diet: how to lose weight

 This diet is designed doctor from Scarsdale (USA) Germany Tarnoverom. The basis of the diet is the theory, according to which in the absence of carbohydrates in the food you can eat large amounts of meat, fish, cheese or eggs. In this case, ingested calories is very poorly absorbed.

Allowed with this diet vegetables are very poor in carbohydrates, but rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber. Diet exceptionally rigid and does not allow any deviation from the menu painted on every day.

Duration skarsdeylskoy diet - fourteen days. It is assumed that two weeks you follow this diet, and then make a break for two weeks.

A typical menu for a day.

Half a grapefruit, a piece of toast bread, wholemeal and black coffee or tea.

Plenty of low-fat cottage cheese, String Beans and two eggs, fried without fat, a slice of toast bread from wheat flour, black coffee or tea.

Lunch Time
Plenty of grilled chicken without the skin, spinach, green peppers or beans, coffee or tea.

Important Note (!) To diet effectively worked and did not bring damage to health, it is strongly recommended to drink plenty of fluids (water or non-carbonated mineral water), about 2-3 liters a day.

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