Proteins without carbohydrates: the pros separate food

Proteins without carbohydrates: the pros separate food
 Methodology separate food - one of the most popular diets in the world. After all, it not only promotes weight loss, body shaping, but also can solve health problems. Therefore, more and more people resort to it.
 So, what's the undeniable merits a separate food?

Food is digested much faster and easier because the body receives only products combined with each other. Thus, the organism is not "contaminated" do not occur and putrefaction fermentation of undigested remnants, so blood will not enter the toxic substance.

A separate food helps people who are prone to cardiovascular diseases and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. After the normalization of digestion, metabolism, reduced energy consumption of the body.

Food is fully digested, there is no eating, and weight returns to normal. When this is achieved is not a short-term weight loss, and persistent, long-term effect of weight loss. This result gives a great incentive for future compliance separate power supply. Man feels fine, both physically and spiritually.

During the meal you can not drink in any case, it prevents the digestion of protein. But thirty minutes before a meal to drink a glass of water it is necessary. Thus, you will find yourself stimulating effect on the secretion of digestive juices, which is very useful. And if you suddenly lost my appetite, it means that you were not hungry. Your body is thirsty and not there. And you helped yourself not to get the extra calories.

If you are not able to fully adhere to the separate power supply, then at least turn it on elements in your diet. For example, eat sandwiches with white bread is not, as with whole grain bread, because yeast bread contains dietary fiber, which prevent rapid absorption of carbohydrates. A large amount of protein found in many natural foods - nuts, in fruit, in cereals, dairy, meat and fish products, eggs (chicken and quail), legumes. Find a combination of the most suitable for you.

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