Nourishing diet

Nourishing diet
 Certainly, many people dream is, what you want, but do not get fat. Unfortunately, these ideas in most cases are only in dreams and fantasies. However, you may want to find a diet that allows you to stay well fed, but to drop weight. Called such miracles "fed diets."

Today, there are several options for well-fed diet. For people who do not differ a lot of demand for food will suit the following menu:

For breakfast, eat 100 grams of cheese, 100 grams of cheese and wash down with tea and 1 spoon of sugar.
For lunch also allowed to eat 200 grams of low fat cottage cheese, add some hard boiled eggs.
Dinner includes a portion of boiled potatoes (no more than 100 grams) of fish (70 grams) and mushroom gravy. Coffee or tea is also made with 1 tablespoon sugar.

It should be noted that the effect of "satiety" is achieved by the high content of protein in the above-mentioned products. Stick to this diet for 7 days (not more) and you can achieve amazing results.

In that case, if you like variety in your diet, you should pay attention to the second version of the well-fed diet. Every day you will get 1700 calories. Length is 7 days diet. During this period, you have to completely give up sugar and alcohol.

For breakfast cook 250 grams of fresh cabbage, which can only drink mineral water without gas.
Allowed to eat for lunch 4 tbsp. tablespoons of boiled rice, the company that will make a salad of fresh carrots (150 grams), dressed with olive oil.
All your dinner - 150 grams of boiled fish with a small piece of bread diet. You can also indulge in a lettuce.

At a luncheon awaits rice porridge without sugar, cooked in milk and a glass of apple juice.
For lunch cook 200 grams of fish, add a dish fruit salad (orange, pear, apple) and juice (orange or peach).
Dinner will give you a well-done piece of lean meat, which goes perfectly with lettuce, a slice of bread (diet) and lemon juice. Can also eat an orange.

At breakfast, fruit salad and orange juice.
For lunch, 250 grams of boiled beans, fresh salad and mineral water. You can eat a piece of bread.
Dinner - one boiled potato and fried mushrooms. Washed down with all this mineral water without gas.

Orange or an apple for breakfast, complete with a glass of apple juice.
For lunch boil cauliflower and some rice, take an apple and bread.
The whole dinner will consist of 2 boiled potatoes, a piece of boiled fish and bread.

Breakfast - rice porridge without sugar, cooked in milk, mineral water.
Lunch - salad of fresh seaweed with a piece of bread and mineral water.
Dinner - a cake made of rice flour with fresh salad (cabbage, carrots, green salad, vegetable oil).

For breakfast, you will find a cabbage salad with bread and mineral water.
For lunch you can make a salad of lettuce, cabbage, celery and carrots. Do not forget the apple juice.
For dinner, 100 grams of rice, half a grapefruit and lettuce.

Finally, prepare a fruit salad for breakfast (apricots, apples and prunes).
Boil the rice for lunch, add slices of your favorite fruit and honey.
Ends the last day of the diet of boiled fish, seaweed salad and mineral water.

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