My Fair diet

My Fair diet
 What girl does not dream of being beautiful and slim? Chiselled figure, silky, shiny hair, strong healthy nails - it is difficult at times to achieve this. But there is always a solution.

Thinness now in vogue. Many girls aspire to the standards of beauty models, but not everyone can afford complexion and body structure. To each his own. And figure, every girl is their own, and it does not necessarily 90h60h90. Do not forget it.

In pursuit of a slender waist, many girls are able to go to extremes: starvation diets that exclude most vital substances, emergency dehydration to per day to lose a few centimeters. All these methods are unfortunately only provide temporary results. And such an attack organism is detrimental to health.

Is there an ideal diet that will not only achieve good results, but also to maintain them permanently? Of course, yes. And this diet is very simple, it can cope with any girl is absolutely no harm to health.

The essence of the diet - a breakfast of oatmeal. This will allow you an easy way to lose weight without bullying your own body to natural settings and will support the result of the time.

It's no secret that the oatmeal - a very useful and nutritious product. It contains a variety of minerals, vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants, proteins, easily digestible fiber. Oatmeal and oat broths positive effect on the gastrointestinal tract, improving day by day digestion, and therefore your health and appearance. Such a nutritious breakfast is complete, strengthens and improves the functioning of the organism.

The main advantage of this diet - do not need anything to deny yourself. All other products are allowed, just - in moderate range. Eating fatty foods or muffins, oatmeal with one you do not lose weight. All must know when to stop. But no one stops a couple of times a month treat yourself to salads with mayonnaise or grilled chicken.

It should also be noted that the result will not come in a week or two. But after a couple of months of the breakfast and you will not notice as return the old form, and family and friends will tell you compliments. And the need to update the wardrobe, because clothes will be great.

Cook porridge is very quick and easy. But do not get used to it quickly brewing grains. Need most common rolled oats. Cooked it pretty quickly, only ten minutes. And, most importantly, it should boil water rather than milk. A couple of spoons of oat flakes pour boiling water and cook over medium heat, stirring occasionally, until tender. By porridge can add any dried fruit, nuts, flax seeds, sesame seeds. This mess will be more nutritious and tasty. With raisins or dates do not even need sugar.

Many do not like oatmeal, consider it tasteless. But after a week you get used to it. And the ease of obtaining and health, which she will present to you, you will not be able to refuse such a right and healthy breakfast.

To look good, be slim and healthy, we need only arrange for themselves the right of the breakfast oatmeal.

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