Milk diet: rules and guidelines

Milk diet: rules and guidelines
 If you want to lose weight, you have to limit the number of calories consumed or even sit on a rigid diet. Good results can be obtained if to sit on a milk diet. It is of two types: hard and easy. The first option - mono-diet, in which you have to drink milk one, the second option implies the presence in the diet and other products.  

Milk diet - not just a way to lose weight, but also a great option for healing the body. After all, this product contains a lot of nutrients. The first version of the milk diet is very hard. It is suitable only for those people who are very fond of milk.

Mono-diet is designed for three days longer sit on it is not recommended - can harm the body. Better to use fresh milk, and boil it can not be, because in this way will lose most of the nutrients. If you are unable to use fresh milk, have to do with purchased. In this case, the most recent Pick beverage.

This option milk diet is very difficult for the body, so try at this time to limit exercise regularly and get enough sleep. During these three days, you can lose about two to three pounds.

First day drink one glass of milk every two hours on the second day - every hour and a half. On the last day to use it you need to drink every hour. Do not forget that fresh milk can cause changes in the digestive tract. Milk weaker.

Better to drink milk through a straw, all nutrients are absorbed better, and saturation occurs faster. Get out of such a diet should be cautious. On the first day after the diet eat only fruits and a variety of dairy products such as yogurt, fermented baked milk, yogurt or cottage cheese. On the second day in the diet can introduce a bit of cooked lean meat and vegetables.

The second option is more sparing milk diet. You can use different dairy products. It is better to choose the ones you like the best. Also allowed to eat fruits and vegetables. For breakfast you can eat a cup of low-fat yogurt and low-calorie fruit. For lunch allow yourself a little more different products. For example, cottage cheese with fruit and baked or boiled vegetables. In the evening, try to eat a little, enough to be two cups of yogurt, drunk with a difference of a couple of hours.

Between meals you can arrange a small snack. For example, a cup of tea with milk, eat grapefruit, apple, cucumber or a few spoonfuls of natural fat yogurt.

Milk diet is very useful for the organism. With it you spend cleaning the digestive tract and improve metabolism. Of course, it can be used only if you do not have negative reactions to lactose. She also contraindicated for people who have two diseases: ulcer and gastritis. And the rest of it will help normalize the functioning of the liver, kidney, heart. And, of course, lose weight.

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