Kate Middleton Diet: How to lose weight in the court of England

Kate Middleton Diet: How to lose weight in the court of England
 Most recently, the world community with interest watched the most titled marriage couple years. Many noted how postroynela bride of Prince William in recent months. What is the secret of transformation Catherine Middleton?  

Journalists as always managed to find out that the future Duchess of Cambridge lost weight through diet for weight loss, which advised her mother. Kate Middleton Diet was developed by nutritionist Pierre Dyukanom. Its effectiveness, this program is required to supply a diet containing a minimum of carbohydrates.

Adhere to such a power must be several months. Also allowed to use this program permanently, because of the diversity of the diet, according to dietitian, such a diet for weight loss can have a negative effect on health.

Kate Middleton Diet includes four stages, it can help you lose up to 5 pounds per week. But for this you must comply with all conditions of the diet. For example, regardless of the phase of the daily need to drink half a liter of still mineral water, eat oat bran that will cleanse the body, as well as hiking.

The first phase of the diet is called the "Attack" and lasts from 3 to 10 days. The duration is calculated according to the table depending on the number of kilograms to be reset. Permission is granted to use any lean meat, steamed, as well as dairy products with a low percentage of fat and eggs. You can add spices. Excludes sugar and fatty meats.

The second phase is called the "Cruise". Here alternate protein and vegetable diet. Allowed vegetables (except starchy) in cheese, baked and boiled. Allowed the use of spices, 3 tablespoons wine or 1h. Spoon cream with cocoa.

The third stage - "Fixing". Per kilogram of body weight must be thrown 10 days fixing. Allowed all products from the first phase from the second vegetables, cheese 40 g, 2 slices of bread, a serving of fruit (excluding bananas and grapes), and starchy products (not more than 2 times per week).

The final phase - "Stabilization". Then once a week to arrange a protein exclusively day, eating bran bring to 3st. spoons.

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