how to lose weight on tea, honey and yogurt

how to lose weight on tea, honey and yogurt
 A great way to lose a few pounds in a few days - take advantage of a diet based on honey and yogurt. And that sweet component was nice to use one of the components of the diet is also a tea.
 This diet is based on the gradual replacement of conventional products honey and yogurt. These two components help to not only lose weight but also improve the whole body due to high content of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.

Kefir beneficial effect on the bowel cleansing and saturating it with nutrients. Med improves the cardio-vascular system and stomach.

1 day. Breakfast should consist of tea with a tablespoon of honey, which can add a small amount of raisins, figs, lemon or nuts. During lunch you can eat any foods, but overeating is not desirable. At lunch - grapefruit or orange. A dinner to be replaced with yogurt (fat content of 1%).

Day 2. Breakfast and lunch menu repeats the previous day, but lunch and dinner should consist exclusively of low-fat yogurt.

3 day. Tea with natural honey for breakfast and a glass of yogurt for lunch, afternoon tea and dinner.

4 day. All day need only sit at tea with honey. Naturally, you can only drink it at the usual hours eating the food.

5 day. Breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner substitute low-fat yogurt.

6th day. For breakfast you can drink tea with honey and lemon, eat some nuts, raisins or figs. Lunch should be complete, during which you can enjoy any dish. At lunch offered a choice of fruit: orange or grapefruit, and dinner drink a glass of kefir.

Thus, a diet "tea-honey-yogurt" consists of a gradual transition to the main components, their brief use in pure form and a slow exit from the diet.

Please note that such restrictions in the body does not get enough of other nutrients contained in other products and are necessary for normal metabolism. Therefore, carefully watch your health. If you notice a deterioration in his condition, subject to this diet, you should immediately go to the more gentle and full power mode.

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