Diets world: bean

Diets world: bean
 Beans relates to dietary foods. The high content of nutrients at a low calorie dish of beans makes particularly attractive to those who care about their figure. Bean protein content is equal to the meat ahead on this indicator fish. Beans is inexpensive, you can buy it in any store, and a specially designed diet will help you in a week lose 5 pounds overweight.

For general recommendations when using bean diet include the following advice: try to drink more water and teas, brewed on the basis of herbs and herbal, give up the use of salt and sugar, morning and evening drink a glass of 2, 5% of kefir.

In general, the schedule for the week will look like this:

First Day
At breakfast should drink a cup of yogurt, eat a little bit of the dried black bread and hard cheese 50 grams. In the interval between breakfast and lunch (lunch) eat an apple. Lunch and dinner will consist of vegetable salad, 100 grams of boiled beans (red) and a glass of juice.

Day Two
For breakfast, drink kefir and eat 100 grams of cottage cheese. Lunch to eat one apple. Lunch will consist of 100 grams of boiled beans and salad, and in the evening, eat the same portion of the beans and add boiled fish dinner.

Day Three
For breakfast as usual, drink a cup of yogurt, eat some dried bread with cheese. For lunch - again green apple. At lunch, eat 100 grams of beans with vegetables and drink a glass of juice. For dinner, boil 100 grams of beans, eat it with vegetables and wash down with a glass of tomato juice.

Day Four
Breakfast will consist of 100 grams of cheese and tea. Eat an apple for lunch. At lunch - 100 grams of beans and carrot salad with apples, seasoned with a little honey. For dinner, eat boiled meat, beans - 50 grams of tea.

Day Five
For breakfast, eat yogurt or cottage cheese 100 grams. For lunch - all at the same apple. For lunch - 100 grams of beans, vegetable salad and juice. For dinner, salad, again 100 grams of beans, 2 boiled potatoes and a glass of tomato juice.

Day Six
For breakfast, eat 50 grams of hard cheese with crackers, drink tea. For lunch instead of an apple drink kefir. At lunch, eat 100 grams of cottage cheese, vegetable salad and juice. In the evening, boil 200 grams of beans and add apple dinner.

Seventh day
For breakfast, eat 100 grams of cottage cheese or yogurt, drink tea. For lunch, eat an apple. Lunch will consist of 100 grams of beans with vegetables. For dinner, eat vegetable soup or soup, 100 grams of beans, drink citrus juice.

Diet quite strict, deviations from the recommended products are not allowed. To consolidate the results of weight loss during the first week, you need to "go out" of the diet gradually. A few days after the diet should be replaced beans all the side dishes and avoid eating sweets and foods high in fat.

Do not forget about the contraindications: bean diet is not recommended for people with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

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