Diet Maya Plisetskaya

Diet Maya Plisetskaya
 Great ballerina Maya Plisetskaya in their 85 looks great: it's still full of life and energy. For many years, she manages to maintain a slim figure, due to its way of life and enormous willpower. Today, her morning begins with a 45-minute exercise, and then she was rehearsing at the ballet school along with their young students. Perseverance and passion for ballet allowed once the 70-year-old ballerina shine at the Mariinsky Theatre.

The key to good physical condition ballerina is moderation in all things, including food. It belongs to her famous sparkling statement about how the easiest way to lose weight - "do not sit zhramshi." Yeah, not argue with that. But since eating is still necessary, and to lose weight you want, you can follow the example of a ballerina and repeat the diet, which used the Maya Mikhailovna herself.

The duration of the diet of the Maya Plisetskaya - 2 weeks. Repeat it can be a couple of months. With proper dieting you lose 8 to 15 kg, which do not come back, unless, of course, do not pounce on the food immediately after the diet.

Diet involves giving up meat, dairy products, tomatoes, spices and potatoes. Also prohibited coffee and sweets. You can drink water or green tea without sugar. In the food allowed to eat broccoli, oats, lentils and barley, occasionally you can afford to fish.

The daily menu is as follows.

For breakfast, it is desirable to eat oatmeal. For lunch, prepare yourself salad and vegetable soup, and dinner - fish, salad and rice. During the breaks, you can use fruits or vegetables, but, of course, observing moderation.

Such a diet is good to combine with exercise.

Such a diet is quite able to provide the body with the necessary energy and give you the necessary strength for the whole day. The very famous ballerina easily rehearsed and appeared on the scene, adhering to a diet, and this is a very strenuous exercise.

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