Declare war on cellulite

Declare war on cellulite
 Cellulite refers to a typically feminine phenomena, as a result of hormonal imbalance in the body, blood circulation, weight loss, stress. By a similar skin condition causes lack of exercise and an unbalanced diet.

Cellulite can appear at any age. He often affects the skin of the feet, sometimes the buttocks, abdomen and arms. The skin is similar to orange peel. In the initial stages it is not visible externally, but to determine the presence ugly tuberosity can be lightly pinching myself for the skin.

Do not eat all the sweets, fatty and salty foods. The basis of subcutaneous fat is glucose, half of it ends up in the ground, covered with orange peel. Do not follow a low calorie diet, the body begins to accumulate fat that is deposited in the form of cellulite nodules.

Adipose tissue is absorbed very slowly, so do not neglect weights. Gradually, physical activity will have a positive result. Just such measures should be combined with a course of anti-cellulite massage and cosmetics. Complex programs are designed generally to the course of application from 14 to 30 days.

Skin before applying cosmetic anti-cellulite treatments should be steamed. Fabrics need to warm up in the shower, in the bath, with the help of massage. Use mittens, brush massager with flexible spines. During the massage the problem areas, take the current lymph from the periphery to the center of the body, the effect will be drainage and anti-cellulite.

Later in the afternoon cellulite is stronger, it is because the fat accumulated during the night and in the morning activated the fat burning process. Do not wear tight clothes, pants, jeans, a constant compression enhances the formation of orange peel.

Take a douche for problem areas very useful to periodically alternate hot and cold water during water treatment. Drink more than two liters of fluid a day, every day eat wholemeal bread, dairy products.

The structure of anti-cellulite must include menthol, ginkgo biloba, seaweed, coffee, cocoa. They should be rubbed in a circular massage movements in the problem areas in the morning for 30 minutes before dressing and evening for 30 minutes before bedtime. Such means have the effect 30 days after the first application.

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