Buckwheat diet: pros and cons

Buckwheat diet: pros and cons
 Buckwheat - a unique and useful product. It microcells and - iron, potassium, magnesium, calcium, and vitamins and amino acids; and it strengthens blood vessels and improves the condition of hair and nails. It is capable, if consumed frequently excrete the body and remove puffiness. All good buckwheat, but there are some nuances. So, the pros and cons of buckwheat diet.
 Buckwheat is ideal for low-calorie diet. In this cereal contains a lot of protein and thus there a minimum amount of carbohydrates, which leads to extra pounds. Note for the buckwheat should monodiets brew only water without salt and sugar, without addition of spices and, of course, without oil.

Buckwheat can be eaten in unlimited quantities, but only six in the evening, that is about 4 hours before bedtime should stop eating as buckwheat and kefir. Kefir 1% - this is the second product which can afford buckwheat during dieting in a volume of 1 liter per day. Do not limit yourself and in the water - suitable as cold boiled or mineral without gas.

Buckwheat diet - it is a complete renunciation of sugar, ie glucose, vital for the human brain works. Therefore, if during the buckwheat diet you have a need to "energize" the brain sweet, dissolve one teaspoon of honey in warm water and drink honey tea.

Plus, such a diet is definitely set. Chief among them: buckwheat diet - it is quite gentle low-fat protein, rich in trace elements monodiet. Saturation of buckwheat lasts long enough, the feeling of hunger is possible at any moment to seize buckwheat or drink kefir.

Diet is good and quite effective. Even those who did not reach the two-week "marathon" to the end, according to a review on the discussion forums slimming quite happy with the result. Sitting on this diet, you can really easily lose up to 7 kg body weight per week and up to 14 kg - two weeks.

The main drawback of buckwheat diet - for the third to fifth day there is aversion and dislike of buckwheat, and does not pass a dislike for a long time. In addition, although buckwheat and rich in trace elements, but such a diet is recommended to accompany multivitamin complex as vitamins and buckwheat, and yogurt are very few.

Buckwheat diet is absolutely contraindicated for people with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (gastritis, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer). Absolute contraindication is pregnancy and breastfeeding. Gipotonikam not recommended (because of the lack of salt, and the possible loss of fluid pressure reduction), and people with diabetes mellitus (due to the starch content).

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