Aromatic diet: how to follow it

To eat less, throughout the day inhale pleasant, neutral food flavors - such as vanilla, green apple, cinnamon.

To eat less at your next meal, smelled before and during the meal.

Not to overeat at night, during the day not skip meals, and in the evening "feed" smells. The fact is that by the end of the day the rational part of the consciousness "falls asleep", "works" only emotional. So she makes us overeat without even realizing it report. Smells suppress appetite, because they operate directly on the emotional parts of the brain.

Appliances inhalation, hold one nostril and take three deep breaths another; then change the nostril and repeat the same thing.

For the "aromatic slimming" suitable inhalers, herbs, spices, aromatic extracts.

Keep your inhalers on hand in the immediate vicinity. When the hand once again reach for a sandwich or a chocolate bar, even stumble on the inhaler.

With a large excess weight and excessive appetite smelled necessary as often as possible. In the first step of "treatment" - up to 300 times per day.

Often the change odors - addictive reduces the effectiveness of the method.

To better deal with their eating habits, keep a journal.

Enjoy the natural smell of food. Eat hot: from hot dishes, especially sauces and soups, flavor stronger.

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