Why do we smoke?

Why do we smoke?
 The most common habit of the modern population of our planet - is smoking. And smoking is not only adults but also children, adolescents. But so many words said about the dangers of smoking, its detrimental effect on all human organs. So many television shows about the terrible diseases often are fatal, caused by smoking. So why do we smoke? Is it in the modern world without cigarettes is simply not enough?

The most common cause of youth smoking - is the desire to imitate adults. Adolescents with a cigarette in his mouth consider that look fashionable and cool. Students often smokers, for example, is called non guys cowards, weaklings, "mama son." Naturally, such reproaches children leading a healthy lifestyle, are often the cause of addiction to smoking. Smoked their first cigarette, guys, how they think, stand on a par with their fellow smokers. Unfortunately, rarely, when the first cigarette is their last.

Many young people smoke for the sake of desire for the unusual, completely unique feat. After all, to smoke, you need to get cigarettes and matches in a safe place to hide, and then another, and get rid of the smell, so that parents do not know about their passion. Such a kind of adventure is delayed, and therefore, repeated again and again.

Naturally, many people smoke out of habit. They want to throw this useless exercise, but it is a habit takes over their minds and actions.

The cause of smoking young girls is often a desire to become fashionable. They think that a girl with a cigarette has attracted more attention of the opposite sex, it looks bigger and more independent. Although, as the statistics and the majority of boys and men interested in is non-smoking beauties.

Attracts many smokers do not smoke, and the process of it, including the preparation of smoking. Namely, pulled out his pack of cigarettes, it slowly print carefully remove cigarette smoke from her elegant shiny flame lighters, slowly inhaling and make the first tapping your finger on the cigarette ash in the ashtray shake. For many, it becomes a kind of daily ritual.

Many people smoke, believing in myths that smoking is supposedly helps to relieve stress, to focus on the things and just relax. In fact, none of this is true.

Many girls and women smoke because they are just afraid of getting fat after giving up the habit. Although, in fact, smoking is not related to the problem of excess weight among quitters ladies.

Never too late to quit smoking. Do not be afraid of any dire consequences of failure of this bad habit.

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