Ways to deal with stress

Ways to deal with stress
 Stress and fatigue often lead to the fact that you begin to experience inner discomfort and apathy. Often due to stress a woman spoiled complexion, deteriorating condition of the skin and fade hair. Best allies in the struggle against the insidious enemy, consuming joy of life and beauty can become natural remedies.
 Once a week to arrange a fasting day. This will help to cleanse the skin and remove toxins from the body. During fasting days Eat half a kilogram of fruits and vegetables, drink a half to three liters of water. Arrange a "rice-day." Boil a portion of rice and eat it throughout the day, along with vegetables. In those days, it is very important to drink more water.

Try to always drink liquid food. It helps digestion and give a feeling of satiety. Very useful during cold drink ginger tea, which increases the body's resistance to respiratory infections. And a drink like milk, will quickly fall asleep and sleep very well, if it is to have a drink with honey at bedtime. Do not forget about green tea, which removes toxins from the body and has beneficial effects on the skin.

Stress and fatigue dry skin. Therefore, make regular moisturizing facial masks. Mix three tablespoons of almond or olive oil with a splinter dried parsley and lemon balm. Add two tablespoons of honey and the mixture was put on the face for twenty minutes. The skin becomes silky and healthy looking.

Try to relax as much as possible. Healthy and sound sleep will help your body recuperate.

Make time for the good stuff. It may be meeting with friends, going to the theater or cinema. Known fact that women cope with stress helps shopping. Bring a girlfriend and go shopping. Among other things, you can have a wonderful rest of the pages of the book fascinating or interesting magazine.

Do not sit at home. How can I move more. If time permits, visit the swimming pool and enjoy a massage. In any weather, try to take the time to explore the great outdoors.

And, of course, positive emotional state. Smile more often, be more tolerant and kind to others.

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