Want to quit smoking? Be positive!

Want to quit smoking? Be positive!
 According to statistics, in Russia, depending on the region - smoke from 15 to 40% of women. Most of them are periodically think about the dangers of smoking and want to quit this addiction. There are many ways to quit smoking, but the main thing - to have a positive attitude on the final result.

Smoking in most cases is not physiological, and psychological dependence. Accumulated over the years, behavioral patterns, in which it is impossible to imagine yourself without cigarettes heavily susceptible to revision. First we need to tune in to a healthy lifestyle.

 Among the many existing ways to quit smoking today is better to choose the ones that do not offer to replace the nicotine in cigarettes to alternative sources of this poison.

Many ways, but the principles of their similarities. At the heart of any process can be traced two areas: the adoption of a non-smoker lifestyle as the only proper health and replacement of nicotine in the cigarette to other sources, followed by a decrease in dose.

 Alternative nicotine in cigarettes are special patches, chewing gum and electronic cigarettes. All of these methods are effective on one condition: if the transition to a non-smoker lifestyle is clearly associated with positive changes in their lives. In this setup, the replacement of nicotine in cigarettes to another source is an additional aid and helps to reduce the stress on smoking cessation.

 US scientists have found a clear correlation: the success of the process of getting rid of this habit depends on the mental attitude of man. If the smoker originally refers to parting with a cigarette as the abandonment of an important part of my life - it is unlikely that its efforts will be successful. The desire to quit smoking should be just a desire, not a compulsory measure. Human psychology is arranged in such a way that to impose any concept very difficult. But to get the result with the expressed desire - just.

 It remains to solve the problem: how do you really want to quit smoking? On this account, there are many different recommendations. Psychologists are advised not to use the term - to quit as there is a clear association with the parting, which is always a little sad. It is better to think of the moment of parting with a cigarette term "stop smoking", it will avoid the feeling of loss.

 You can visualize your future life without cigarettes on the positive side. Imagine, there is no need to run to the store, if you run out cigarettes. How do not need to carry a refreshing candy or chewing gum, if communication to be at work or with loved ones. How not to think about whether it is convenient to go on a smoke break during a visit to a restaurant or other public places, etc.

 In short - stay positive aspects of their future without cigarettes. His new life free from unnecessary attachments and health problems.

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