Life on the body's internal clock

Life on the body's internal clock
 I'm sure many do not just have to notice how the productivity of the day gave way completely disabled state when it is impossible to gather his thoughts and concentrate. Or when the execution of an action brought heavy feeling or vice versa done with ease. And all the matter in the internal biological clock of the body that affect the physiological processes, which during the day is weakened, then activated.
 So that the body efficiently use their energy, it is necessary to adjust the physical, mental activity and rest under the internal biological clock. This will help to stabilize the psyche and enhance the overall capacity.

To address the complex issues that require a creative approach, it is better to choose the time from 9 to 10:30 am. During this time period there is an active activity of the right hemisphere is responsible for creative thinking. But do not bother to over an hour. Next is better to take a break and, if necessary, continue in an hour - the regular brain activation.

For making accurate decisions that require careful study, fits 11 am - the time of intellectual activity. In this time period the activation of the left hemisphere of the brain responsible for the analysis of existing and incoming information.

The ideal time for lunch is 13-14 hours. But after eating all the energy and the blood rushes to the digestive organs. As a result, the brain, oxygen-depleted, experiencing drowsiness and able only to rest. So after dinner, at least for an hour, it's better to step back from all the current affairs.

From 15-16 hours, you can relaunch the workflow. But do not be taken immediately after the important work because the brain needs time to get into a rut. And for 16 hours can be fully engaged in important matters. Drunk a cup of coffee at the same time activates the brain activity even faster.

Preparation and assimilation of important information is best left to the 17 pm. At this time, the brain is able to remember it better and for a longer period. From 17 to 18 days - it's time to move from physical to intellectual work, ie to engage in any kind of sport. He will restore circulation, broken during prolonged sitting or voltage disperse lymph and systematically prepare the body for the upcoming rest and sleep.

At 8 pm dinner. And further, permitting cheerfulness, do business, do not require excessive physical or mental stress. Sleep better go to bed at 10-11 pm, in the morning to fully recover spent force, the central nervous and other body systems.

Harmony internal biological clock keeps the organism with the health and youth for many years. Otherwise, the aging process starts much earlier than its mechanism, which is manifested by frequent illnesses and depressive states, ie weak emotional and physical potential.

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