Life after menopause

Life after menopause
 Climax is a rather difficult period in a woman's life, as there are significant changes in the body that affects not only the health, but also on the way of life.

Many women find that after 50 years (sometimes sooner or later) life loses its brightness and saturation. This is a fairly common misconception, as the manifestation of care to your body, you can continue to enjoy every day. To do this, you must prepare for the coming changes, in order to minimize the negative effects on the body.

Quite effective way to prepare is to pass a course of hormone therapy, this is due to the fact that during menopause the body is rebuilt in a new way, and hormonal therapy can help him. It is advisable to ask the friends or relatives about how they took the process of restructuring. More information can give an experienced gynecologist, who will answer any questions.

It should be noted that exacerbates the situation the use of alcohol, tobacco use, strict diet. Positive impact on the state of women exercise, a balanced diet with enough calcium and other trace elements, moderate to sunlight, etc.

Every woman climax comes in different ways. This is due to the number of estrogen receptors, which are located in areas of the brain. With a large number of menopause until more serious problems arise and discomfort. The degree of negative impact depends on the natural rate of evolution ceased estrogen the body. As a rule, with a gradual and rather slow decline female hormone in the blood is less prone to symptoms of menopause, and a sharp decrease in the amount of the hormone leads to tides, insomnia, psychological problems, depression, and other unpleasant consequences.

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