How to stimulate the brain

How to stimulate the brain
 The human brain is much more perfect than the most modern computer, but even he sometimes gives a "failure" and can not perform a particular function. Most people notice a violation only those functions that are associated with memory, for example, when they can not remember the name or part of a long-standing friend of the football team.
 This is partly due to the fact that the human brain is packed with all kinds of information that accumulates in a mess in his head, and the number of such "garbage" sometimes exceeds the amount of useful information. As you know, the person remembers everything he has ever seen, heard, or touch, although he may not be aware.

An important component of the successful functioning of the brain is a good night's sleep. It is believed that during sleep the human brain processes all the data of the previous day, which positively affects the long-term memory. Thanks to a healthy sound sleep the brain successfully "digest" the accumulation of images and then acquires the ability to master the required material.

Stress negatively affects not only the mood, but also on the work of many internal organs and the brain is no exception. In times of stress it needs more resources to perform simple operations, which greatly impairs mental performance. That is why experts advise not to panic and find positive aspects even in small things as well as listen to your favorite music, lead an active lifestyle, yoga and even find yourself a blog where you can throw all the negative and learn something good.

Many women are starving to lose weight, and after fasting in reasonable limits can be beneficial for the brain. Hunger eliminates the feeling of fear, anxiety and grief before they can take root deeply and cause any harm to the body.

For stimulation of the brain will be useful almonds and apple juice, whole wheat products, but the sugar should be abandoned. Although it is believed that the sweet enhances mental abilities, this beneficial effect lasts only a few minutes, then sharply eroding. Excessive consumption of sugar not only helps the brain, but also provokes claustrophobic, nervous disorders and some memory impairment.

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