How to restore health

How to restore health
 Constant stress, weakened immunity and irregular meals, slowly but surely undermine your health. The result can be a frequent complication of viral diseases and chronic problems in your body. Strengthen and restore health - a vital task.
 Fix failing health in the short term is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. If you begin to systematically pay enough attention to their health, then soon it will respond to you feeling better /

Start eating right. The quality of the food depends significantly on the state of your immune system and normal operation of the gastrointestinal tract. Eat regularly - at least three full meals a day. In the morning, breakfast cereals better - they retain a feeling of satiety for a long time, low-calorie and incredibly helpful. Do not treat feeding schedule too frequent and irregular snacking better "stay one's stomach" something useful - dried fruit, nuts, or a glass of milk. Cola, chocolate and chips, of course, good sensation of hunger, but with regular use provoke the appearance of gastritis and other diseases of the digestive tract.

Physical activity will strengthen all muscle groups and develop resistance to diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Highlight each morning for 15 minutes on a charge and you will get a charge of vivacity and good mood for the whole day. Thanks to the exercises you will throw off excess weight will be less tired, and pain in the back and legs after a hard day cease to bother you.

 Proper rest - an important aspect of health promotion. Following the chronic lack of sleep comes stress, depression, anxiety and unfounded mental decline. Optimal for the human body is considered to be eight hours of sleep - "Teach" your body to such a schedule. It would be nice to develop a reflex "cushion-dream" - not to suffer from insomnia caused by the habit of reading in bed or use a laptop.

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