How to improve memory

How to improve memory
 Have a good memory - it is quite understandable desire. If you work on yourself and help your body, you will easily be able to absorb a huge amount of information. However, even if you do not complain of their memory, it does not mean that it should not be ignored. Like muscles, which weaken without training, memory also tends to get worse if you do not develop it.
 Try to constantly train your memory. Read books, learn a foreign language, play chess or computer games, crossword puzzles - there are lots of activities that improve memory. Choose what suits your taste, and act.

Auditory memory will develop if you are, firstly, being surrounded by people who will try to listen and remember snatches of conversation, which they say, or their conversations; secondly, will keep in mind and try to repeat you unfamiliar music. And finally, try to know their colleagues in their gait.

To train your visual memory, remember in detail what happened during the day. Stepping into an unfamiliar room, try to remember the location of all items are in it, opening cabinets, remember that as there is. Spoon on the table a lot of small items, and then turned away, trying to remember how many there are and what they are. To complicate the task yourself, ask someone to remove two or three things and try to determine what it was. Encountering various people, after a while try to describe in detail their faces, clothes, etc.

You can also develop memory, if you take a group of what some totally dissimilar items and try to combine them into a logical chain and remember.

As often as possible communicate with different people. Thinking over what and how to say, finding the right answers to the questions stimulates your mental activities and develops memory, your ability to analyze and calculate.

Do not overload the brain with useless information. There are things that you can not remember. For example, if you write a diary of your plans, shopping, meetings, visits, etc., the memory of it will not be worse.

If there comes a mental fatigue, give your brain a few minutes of rest. Make a light massage of the forehead, massage your temples and earlobes cotton swab dipped in oil of bergamot, listen to music. After this relaxation you feel a surge of strength and will be able to work on.

Physical activity is important for the brain as well as mental. During physical work improves supply the brain with blood and oxygen, secretes hormones necessary for the process of remembering. You can just run outside or go to the gym. Or you can walk to work or dance more.

Your memory needs time to rest, especially restful sleep. At night, the brain cells are completely restored.

One of the most important conditions for fruitful work of the brain and a good memory is a varied and balanced diet. Your brain needs carbohydrates if they enter the body in insufficient quantities, the people quickly get tired and slow uptake. Useful carbohydrates found in cereals, particularly buckwheat and oats, pasta from durum wheat, potatoes, honey. Best memory fruits are banana, peach and pear.

Without sufficient amounts of protein - a building material for cells, including brain, and hormones which determine its activity - memory improvement is also possible. In your diet at least every other day should be meat, especially beef. Often eat fish, milk, cheese and eggs.

An indispensable source of energy, along with carbohydrates and fats act, especially vegetable. And Omega 3 - polyunsaturated acids class - has a direct impact on memory and mental abilities. If you want to improve them, then pay attention to herring, salmon, salmon, trout, flaxseed and sesame oil, walnuts.

To strengthen memory, take vitamin complexes, containing lecithin, vitamins B, C, E, iodine, iron and folic acid.

Increase mental activity of the brain, significantly soothe and give confidence in their abilities to such drugs as "Nootropil", "Cavinton", "Oxybral", "Fezam." But, deciding to use medications, carefully read the instructions for use to ensure the absence of contraindications. Use these memory stimulants try for a short period and only when absolutely necessary, for example, during important exams or graduation.

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