How much sun?

How much sun?
 In summer, the citizens tend to spend as much time outside the city, in nature. To outing did not turn a lot of trouble and ended health care should be aware of and comply with certain rules of rest.

Once on the beach for the first time this season, it is very difficult to refrain from active sunbathing and a desire to get a bronze tan. As a result, most of all, is not that tan and burnt skin. Suffer from sunburn can be everywhere where it is necessary to be in direct sunlight. Often not thought about it, but in vain. Indeed, by taking some simple preventive measures can protect you from serious trouble.

Rules of conduct in sunny weather
In the summer, in the heat, especially when you have to work hard physically, a person loses a large amount of fluid then. The body is dehydrated and needs replenishing lost water. Dry mouth, confusion, headache - these are signs of dehydration. To compensate for the lost fluid, you should drink plenty of fluids. Need in the morning to drink half a liter of boiled at least, acidified with lemon water or mineral (non-carbonated) water.
During the day, try to drink half a cup every hour. Should not drink beverages containing caffeine, coffee, tea, cola, as they have a diuretic effect.
Leaving the house on a sunny day, it should be easy to cover his head with a handkerchief, hat, or grab an umbrella. Try to spend more time in the shade. Need to hide from the sun moles and spots, as the sun's rays - a powerful carcinogen. They can trigger melanoma - skin cancer.
Highly undesirable fall under direct sunlight for people with dry and sensitive skin. Under the action of the rays, the skin reddens, becomes excessively dry. Can start dermatitis. To avoid this, the cream applied to the skin with ultraviolet filters.

Symptoms of heat stroke
Redness of the skin, dizziness, severe headache, darkening of the eyes, possible vomiting. Without timely assistance provided, the person loses consciousness.

Primary care
The victim, before the arrival of the ambulance should be moved into the shade and cover with a wet cloth. On the head and the heart area to put a cold compress.

Causes of heat stroke
Heat stroke occurs when the body overheats. This is facilitated by: physical stress, fatigue, dehydration, impaired function of the sweat glands.

Symptoms of heat stroke
Man becomes sluggish, feel fatigue, drowsiness, headache and dizziness. The temperature can rise to 40 degrees, lost hearing. May start hallucinations and delusions. Without the help of a person loses consciousness and may die.

Primary care
As with sunstroke, before the arrival of the ambulance, the victim should be moved into the shade, cover with a wet cloth or pour cold water. On his head and put a cold compress to drink cool water.

It should be remembered that on a sunny hot day, at risk include young children and people over 65 years. Older people are not recommended to leave the room cool in the heat of the day. Wear a hat and do not forget the comfort of your home, a bottle of cold water.

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