Habits that take energy and health

Habits that take energy and health
 People suffering from addictions, is becoming more and more. And in addition to these universally recognized "hazards" as tobacco smoking or excessive alcohol consumption, there are other pathological hobbies, stamina and reduce damaging to human health.

Firstly, carried away by endless diets, limiting themselves all over, of course, can achieve the desired weight loss. But on the other hand, during the life of the body requires a lot of components. Meals should be balanced, rich in proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, energy substance. In the fight against overweight dieters tend to forget about it, torturing hunger strikes, leading to the depletion of nutrients. This is accompanied by a vitamin deficiency, digestive problems, and mental health problems associated with the constant dissatisfaction hungry man.

Second, the Russian people love hope "at random", postponing trip to the doctor if there are any health problems. Suffers chronic pain. And it leads to a constant stimulation of certain areas of the cerebral cortex and forming therein a persistent excitation portions, which in turn may participate in the occurrence of a depressive syndrome. Condition of the body, based on a constant struggle with chronic pain, defined by experts as "disadaptative reaction." It is considered a manifestation of muscle weakness, decreased appetite, constant drowsiness and at the same time insomnia. Naturally, this reduces the quality of life of the individual and does not live a full life.

Third, a sedentary lifestyle, the rejection of physical activity provoke muscle atrophy, weakness of the cardiovascular system and reduce life expectancy. At the same time abuse in sports classes or gym causes hypertrophic adjustment in the heart muscle does not bring longevity to their owners. All should be a sense of proportion.

Finally, a general tendency to chronic lack of sleep. Doctors assert that need to sleep 8 hours a day. However, in pursuit of nightlife or additional income, many can not afford such a luxury here. Living in a transcendent rhythm, modern man relies on twelve dream weekend. This, however, does not compensate for the accumulated fatigue during the week does not help replenish forces and restore damage caused to health.

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