7 main secrets of meditation

 After a busy day sometimes want to retire and become literally invisible, so no one bothered. But there is a wonderful way to relieve stress, positive energy and good mood. On the pages of women's magazine JustLady story about a great way to relax - meditation.

Agree, stressful pace of modern life often leads to a desire to run away somewhere in a remote village, just to rid yourself of solving numerous problems.

Constantly in a state of "squeezed lemon", a person gets used to it, but the vitality of the body are depleted and one is not perfect moment comes breakdown - both physical and emotional.

Meditation - A great tool prevention of such failures: it solves the problem in a timely manner and lack of energy relaxation. The main thing - to hold meditation correctly.

1. Meditation as a phenomenon

Meditation has come to us from time immemorial, and the "father" it became Buddhism. Until now, meditative practices are most common in the East, but every year they are becoming more popular in many countries around the world.

In the US, meditation is widely used due to the hippie movement, who believed it literally the bedrock of his life, but in Russia booming interest came in the 90s of the last century, when all the unknown and unexplored Soviet man has become available due to the ensuing Russian democracy and freedom word.

At present, the principles of meditation are widely used in psychologyBeing one of the methods of effective psychotherapy.

Meditation is considered an effective way of relaxing, filling the body with additional energy, mental liberation flows from the "trash."

Experienced practitioners are able to reach such a state of meditative trance in which the reality at the time of exercise ceases to exist, and if a person is disturbed at the time of the trance, he can get a serious emotional trauma and even survive the shock.

There are many techniques, the most popular of which - relaxation meditation. There is also a "narrowly focused" technology: purification of consciousness, forgiveness, gaining freedom, love, full of energy wealth, healing and so on. D.

This article -of relaxation meditationSo necessary in the age of space velocities and the lack of warmth and attention.

2. If you are looking for excuses ...

Of course, you can go to answer the question "It is time or not it time?" Excuses the lack of time, joking that "meditation - stupid occupation and will not help me."

If we talk about time, then meditation takes its not too much, so, speaking about his lack of, you obviously disingenuous.

Maybe you just too lazy, but if you remember thatall our diseases - from nervesIt turns out that you simply neglect their health.

If you talk about that "meditation can help me," honestly answer just one question: have you ever meditated? Most likely, the answer is no. Then compare what you do not ...

Many people say that meditation - it's part of someone else's religion, so their faith can not put such experiments on his soul.

Yes, meditation has its roots in Buddhism, but that does not mean that it is contraindicated Christian.

Praying also puts man in a meditative state. Therefore, meditation is not calling you to become an apostate.

Therefore meditate safely - because you can always refuse this. Although meditation bring so many positive emotions that you would not want to do it.

3. Benefits of meditation

Science officially proved that when the meditation exercises:

- Normal heart rhythm man
- Decreased blood pressure,
- Slows down the body's metabolism,
- Relax all the muscles,
- Release the hormone of happiness - endorphin.

That is, during meditation you become not only safer, but more happy, healthy.

Therefore, the rhetorical question "to be or not to be" better to decide in favor of "to be": that will bring you much more use and enjoyment with minimal time and energy?

4. Alone with you

Meditation requires uedineneniya. You can not relax if there is a child or make noise if yours will be watching closely spouse.

So ask your husband to look after the child, not to distract you in the next half hour.

Retire in the room. If you live in a studio apartment, it is advisable to use for meditation bathroom, but in any case - the kitchen.

In the kitchen you will distract odors and subconscious reminder that you still need to cook dinner or breakfast the next morning.

Of course, in the bathroom is not enough space, but you can achieve complete privacy. And if you turn on the water, the other sounds are not distracting.

5. The right atmosphere

Relaxation Meditation - The procedure of complete relaxation and rest, and therefore requires an appropriate environment.

It is unlikely that you will concentrate on your inner self while neighbors sing karaoke "Oh, frost, frost" ...


Light is best to use muted. If you're going to meditate day - close the curtains.

To create a more comfortable and proper lighting is recommended colored light: to throw with ceiling sconces gas fabric color that you like most.

Do not forget that the red color - activates meditation relax in style it is better not to use.

The ideal option would be yellow and orange in the evening - green (if you are very tired), blue - in the morning (if you want to fill your soul energy of flight).


Music for meditation should be relaxed, sound - the average volume (not exactly quiet, barely audible, but do not drown your desire to plunge into itself).

Determine whether it is too loud, very easy: if you can not focus on yourself and just listen to the music, then you need to make it quieter.

Can be used for meditation, hymns, music, nature (wind noise, the lapping of waves ...) or classics.


Meditation relaxation ideal aromas of vanilla, incense and valerian. It is appropriate to use as scents of ylang-ylang, patchouli.

If you experience a lack of vitality that you want to fill in, experiment with flavors, adding a little vanilla lemon or lime.

For morning meditation is good to use oil with the scent of oranges.

In specialty stores now sell special incense for meditation. When choosing, make sure the "Board" with its own sense of smell.

You can use scented candles - you will not only enjoy the desired flavor, but also add to the intimacy of illumination.

6. meditation techniques

Before proceeding to the most meditation, you need to understand that it is - a process that demands the full attention.

It is impossible to meditate while sitting on a hard chair, reclining on a chair or lying in bed - concentration and relaxation you achieve in such positions will not succeed.

The most correct posture for meditation - lotus.

Of course, it is possible not to carry out all the first time, so it will be enough just to stay on the floor on a soft mat or blanket, bending your knees and sitting on its own legs.

There are 2 main types of relaxation meditation:

Meditation on Emptiness

Sit in the lotus position or half, the back will certainly keep straightened - as much as you want. Hands relax and put his hand up to his knees, not squeezing into a fist.

Close your eyes. Concentrate on the void and the darkness that you "see" (for the best effect can be put before the eyes of the light source - candles, lamps and so on. D.).

Try to feel the emptiness as a subject: what it feels, what it smells ...

Imagine if that emptiness sucks you that you are immersed in it, it envelops you from all sides, like a warm blanket.

Do not think about anything but emptiness - your mind must be free from thoughts and feelings. Nothing but emptiness, should not exist.

Surrender to the will of the voids:perhaps you will begin to shake a little from side to side, you will feel pressure on your shoulders.

Do not be put off by this. If such feelings appeared, it means that you have reached your goal, and your mind and body totally relaxed and full of peace.

Leave the state of a light meditative trance need to slow. Release void. Feel that it loses its volume, its power over you all the features and is simply the word "void". Open your eyes. Sit quietly for five minutes.

Meditation on the subject

It is best suited for this candle - This thing is so bright and self-sufficient, that meditation with the image of candles held easily and comfortably.

Sit in the same starting position as in meditation on emptiness. Put on eye level lit candle -it must be at a distance of half a meter from you.

Imagine that in addition to candles in the world did not exist - even you. You - this is just a bundle of energy, eyes, watching her flame. Concentrate on swing fire.

Mentally move the candle in space - Moving away and bring it closer, make gyrating. You should see that the flame it varies with each movement.

Mentally approach the candle to him. Feel like it comes from living energy as heat that warms you much, then somehow weakens.

Mentally imagine that most candles are no - there is only the flame. Immerse yourself in it.

It turns out that it does not burn, and the body is filled with warmth and sparkling delight, right?Gives energy, vigor, health. Saturate this flow - after all so you need it.

Move the flame away from you, let it become part of the candle again. Mentally move a candle to the original point.

Come out of the meditative state smoothly. Close your eyes, breathe deeply and evenly. After a couple of minutes a session of meditation can be considered finished.

7. A few rules

- Remember thatMeditation should bring you pleasure. No need to deal with it through force, under the onslaught of newfangled trends and tips girlfriends. You should choose her heart, not the mind.

- Take your time!Do everything slowly and "tasteful", Feeling the joy not only from full employment, but also from each of his second.

-Aim for comfort! If you are uncomfortable posture seems to try to change it - perhaps it will significantly improve the situation and meditation becomes extremely pleasant and inspiring task.

-In The process of meditation negative energy leaving your body, but part of it still lingers not only in the aura, but also on your skin.After the meditation is necessary to take the easy invigorating showerWhich confirmed a positive effect.

Olga Mihaloyva

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