15 things to do to old age

 When I was 12 years old, it seemed that my 17 somewhere far away. When it was 17, it seemed that the 21 - it's just old age. Now it seems that old age is already 25. But invariably one. Every birthday I wake up thinking - "I've been so old, and so much has not yet done." Once I found in a magazine list of the books that should be read carefully to 21 years. And now I think - and what should be done until both'm old? So that definitely need to do before I turned ... no matter how much, so when it is time to calm down and settle down.  

1.Otpravitsya to travel by car.
This is a stunning and totally unique experience - you, your friends and the road. Of course in the summer and of course wherever you want. The most important thing - to sing songs succeed each other at the wheel and scare sleeping. When else can you do it? Certainly not when families have forged. Travel can be both long and short, the main thing - to take the closest friends.

2.Nauchitsya play a musical instrument.
Many of us are lucky (or unlucky, as anyone), and he learned to play anything else in my school years. But if you're not one of them - now is the time to start.

3.Skopit $ 1000
This is a big deal - to save the same amount. Even if you work, it is still difficult. No matter where you will be put off - with breakfast or monthly salary, the main result.

4.Uznay better grandparents.
Ask them to tell you about my life at your age. It is amazing how much they can teach you. And of course, you will be surprised, what nonsense they did in their youth.

5.buy lottery ticket.
But only one. Everyone needs to take a bite out of this magical cake luck. After all, as exciting - and suddenly really lucky, and you will become a millionaire? Well, or just be able to buy new shoes.

6.Poluchi award
It can be any competition - eating donuts or sprinting. The key is that you will be better than others in some way.

7.Skazhi "I love you"
Requires uncommon courage for what to say to someone these words. After all, you can not hear anything in return. Still, it should be done.

8.Prostit someone
We can be angry for a long time. Can hate. But should definitely be able to forgive. Even the most vile misdeeds.

9.Zanochevat in a tent.
Of course, not one, but with friends. Kindle fire, sing songs and watch the stars.

10.Nachat small business
This can be anything better what is good to understand. The first step on a long and exciting road to independence.

11. Ride a horse.
Maybe it's a little scary. But it is horseback riding can give you a real feeling of complete freedom.

12.Uvidet Ocean
Ocean - it's almost an eternity. He exists as long as our planet. It is a kind of hidden power. Perhaps it will help you to decide in life.

13.Uvidet something "biggest"
It can be anything - the largest animal or even a frying pan. But the biggest.

14.Pokinut country
Well, we all love to travel. So surely every once left his country. If not, the need is urgent to implement. This unusual sensations, observe the life elsewhere.

15.Nauchis love yourself
All the disadvantages should be taken calmly - thick knees, small breasts or hoarse voice. And it is time to learn to love yourself.

Of course, anyone can add to your list many more items that are important for him. Or even rewrite everything. Most importantly - make a list and try to fulfill all.

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