Visual disturbances and how to prevent them

Visual disturbances and how to prevent them
Vision - a priceless gift. No wonder folk wisdom says: "Take care, as the apple of his eye," meaning that the eyes - the greatest wealth. Most people never think that maybe if properly dispose of this gift. Meanwhile, visual disorders are not rare, and the risk of complete loss of vision is very real. How can I prevent visual disturbances?

Like any organ of the human body, the eyes need to fully relax, eat and be filled with oxygen. This helps to maintain vascular tone in the eye, and therefore slow down the aging process. Try to arrange the eyes of the bath. To do this, take a clean (filtered) cold water, pour it into a wide and shallow container. Dip into the water face, open your eyes and blinked them 15-20 seconds. For greater effect of the procedure - add water decoction of chamomile.

Eat more vegetables and fruits - your eyes are vital vitamins. Best of all the organs of the impact carrots, strawberries, blueberries, parsley, celery.

Arrange a "color gymnastics." To do this, look at the pure colors - red, yellow, blue. This stimulates the retina and helps maintain the color sensitivity and visual acuity.

Fight the enemies of your vision. Radiation screen TV and computer, poor lighting, smoking - all this is a very negative impact on the eyes and cause visual impairment. To minimize losses, try to follow some rules. Watch TV from a distance no closer than 3 meters, and do not sit in front of him, and slightly to one side. While viewing Give your eyes a rest - 10 minutes per hour.

When working at the computer, and let your eyes rest. Train your eye muscles with special exercises. For example, a very effective exercise "Commit". For his performance, choose two items, one very close, at a distance of about 10 cm., And the other - far away, at a distance of about 2 m. Alternately, fix it at one glance, then on the other. Do 10-15 repetitions. Another useful exercise - "Look at the green." Locate in the interior or outside the green thing and a few minutes looking at it. This will help your eyes relax.

If you love to read, never read at very close range, lying, under diffuse light and during the meal.

If you ignore the above rules, you risk to "earn" nearsightedness, farsightedness, a feeling of "sand in the eyes" red burst capillaries and other nasty diseases and visual symptoms.

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