Thongs and Women's Health

Thongs and Women's Health
 Thong - a small, narrow, almost invisible under clothes panties. They are ideal if you have a tight-fitting dress or trousers. However, experts say that the string can be unsafe for women's health.

Certainly, thongs are very attractive and sexy girl added, especially if their buttocks in great shape. Few men can resist such a woman. Even the ladies feel so liberated and attractive clothing.

However, experts say that the string can trigger the development of fungal and vaginal infections and urinary tract infections. Most often, amateur narrow tesemochek suffer from thrush. A common cause of this is often a synthetic fabric panties that bad pass moisture and air. The result is a rather favorable environment for the development of bacteria and germs.

We should also note that the narrow ribbon strings promotes the transfer of intestinal bacteria in the vagina, thus provoking the development of inflammatory diseases. In addition, the shape of these pants can hardly be called comfortable, she often rubs the genital area. As a result of damaged mucosa, which leads the discomfort and even pain.

Thus, you can not wear a thong constantly. But they can be used for individual cases, while trying to put them as little as possible and be sure to use while panty liners. After all, it is not necessary to wear this attractive underwear for a walk with the dog, for shopping or to work, for these purposes, there are more convenient model. Also, in any case, do not wear panties on such a night.

Try not to get cheap thong made of synthetics, use the more expensive models are made of natural fabrics. Pay attention to the size of the pants, as if he had chosen correctly, problems will arise. Too excessively narrow adhesive qualities body model, thereby aggravating the position in this case, the likelihood of infection increases.

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