Thong - Sexy and dangerous underwear

Thong - Sexy and dangerous underwear
 Few people know that the strings were first introduced in the first half of the twentieth century in America. The subject of women's toilets used as dancers in strip clubs, so as not to embarrass her nakedness too shy clients.

At its core G-string - a triangular piece of fabric with ribbons. Without a doubt, these pants are very sexy, especially if the figure of their owner quite well. In addition, the subject of intimate toilet also quite practical, because the string can be worn under clothes transparent, and under tight-fitting to the body, and thus they will not stand out. Today, manufacturers of lingerie produce a variety of models of strings from different tissues. They can afford and the most unpretentious shopper, and the most demanding. Recent prefer to buy a thong made of natural high-quality fabrics.

However, modern gynecologists consider wearing this type of underwear is very dangerous habit. After all, it can cause serious health troubles, infections and diseases.

The reasons for such a lot of trouble. For example, one of them - is to use strings for sewing synthetic fabrics. Synthetic fibers well keep their shape, but however, they do not leak air, irritate the skin and mucous membranes.

Another reason for the development of the disease is a form of strings. Ribbon passing between the buttocks, is an excellent conductor of various bacteria.

So do not get carried away by wearing these panties. Of course, no need to completely abandon this very erotic and sexy lingerie. Just around the need to comply with the measure. For example, you should not wear a thong, going to work or for a walk. They are designed for special occasions, such as the publication of an evening or a romantic date. It is appropriate to put them under tight pants or a skirt.

Choosing the store thong best to give preference expensive models from quality natural fabrics. And, of course, no need to buy pants size smaller than you require.

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