Terms winter sleep

Terms winter sleep
 The lack of sunlight during the day and great for the duration of winter nights - a real stress on the human body. For many people waking up in cold weather becomes an ordeal. Save pep and power frosty morning can only be subject to the special rules relating to winter sleep.
 Qualitative and prolonged sleep - a guarantee of good mood and high efficiency. From the constant lack of sleep suffers not only looks, but the inner being. A woman should sleep at least daily 9-10 hours. Regardless of the time of year it is important to observe a clear schedule: regularly go to bed and get up at about the same time.

The maximum limit TV watching and working at a computer in the evening - it is better not to strain the already tired brain. Instead, try something pleasant: Read your favorite book, listen to relaxing music, take a relaxing bath, treat yourself to a glass of warm milk or hot chocolate. It is not necessary to go to bed after a heavy meal. Also, do not abuse alcohol at night. The bedroom should be clean, cool and dark as possible. About an hour before sleep it must be thoroughly ventilated.

Try to wake up with pleasure. Calculate the rise time so as to allow yourself a little to lie in bed (no more than 3-5 minutes). Do not put the alarm clock ahead to give yourself extra time to dosypaniya. These actions will relax you, and the desire to get up disappears completely. It is better to set the ringer bright and cheerful melody that will help set up the positive.

Once you get up, be sure to turn on the lights or open the curtains. Bright light will stop production of the sleep hormone - melatonin and make waking up more pleasant. You can open the window and breathe in the fresh frosty air.

Think carefully about breakfast. He must not only be nutritious enough for the cold season, but also delicious - bright and juicy fruit (oranges, kiwi, apples) will certainly lift your mood and give strength for new labor feats.

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