Struggling with insomnia

Struggling with insomnia
 Causes of insomnia can be completely different things. Your feelings, emotions, environment, food - all of which can affect the ability to fall asleep quickly and soundly. If the condition is not critical, it is better to avoid of drugs, so as not to depend on them in the future. Pay attention to the situation in the bedroom and on your emotional state.  
 Often the cause of insomnia is stress state of a person. In this case, at night you need to make a cup of tea soothing, pharmacies have special collections of herbs that have a positive effect on the nervous psyche. For example, there may include chamomile, peppermint, valerian. But we should not take the medication if you are not prescribed by a doctor.

If you eat properly and fail to comply with, sooner or later, insomnia attacks your body. A rich dense dinner cause stomach work and will not let you sleep. The last meal should be no later than three hours before going to bed. Portions of food to make small, no more than two hundred grams.

Do not drink the night coffee and tea. These drinks have a tonic and invigorating effect, and good morning, when you need to wake up. If you want to drink your regular clean water. Exclude from the diet of evening alcohol, nuts, fruits and energy.

Before going to bed is not recommended to engage in vigorous activity. That is, cleaning the house, repair, charging is better to postpone for morning and afternoon. Find hasteless leisurely activities and entertainment. Slow walk in the park and board games will prepare the body for sleep.

Your bed and bedding should be as convenient as possible. Set of clothes should be made of natural fabrics, so that your skin breathe. Pillow pick according to your preferences. Better if it will be filled with natural materials impregnated by ticks and other parasites.

Take a light blanket, so it does not "pressed" on you while you sleep. Bed linen should be changed at least once a week in the summer to do it more often. Eliminate extraneous sounds that violate your sleep. If you can not completely remove the noise, buy earplugs at the pharmacy.

Ventilate the bedroom so there was always fresh air, it is particularly conducive to the healthy sleep!

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