Life without colds

Life without colds
 When depleted immune system, the body is weakened and susceptible to colds. Basically peaks epidemics in the autumn and spring. In winter, when the air temperature is below zero viruses die quickly, and in summer the body is saturated with vitamins and trace elements, so it is easy to cope with colds.

It is well known that the better nourished man, if he goes in for sports, the less prone to colds. Therefore, to avoid such trouble in the first place you need to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Life without colds implies a strong immune system, which can be stimulated artificially. But as practice shows, this is not always lead to positive results. The immune system gets used to stimulate medical and ceases to perform safety functions.

Make it a rule to always wash your hands with soap, because they are many disease-causing organisms. The daily diet should include products containing lactic acid bacteria: kefir, yogurt. Food should be not only delicious, but also useful. Teach your body to the daily consumption of tea with the addition of cranberry and rosehip. It is worth remembering about the benefits of citrus fruits such as lemons and oranges. At a time when the body is weakened, it is desirable to adopt a standard vitamin complex, which also contains zinc and selenium.

Before the onset of the flu epidemic does not put a vaccination, although it does not guarantee that the disease does not overtake. Especially because a lot of viruses, they all develop and mutate.

Healthy sleep is also an important part of life without cold when a person works hard, constantly tired and not paying the proper amount of sleep and rest time, a chance to get sick is greatly increased.

Besides different ways of contracting colds is likely to catch a cold from the sudden change in temperature. That is, when a person is hot, he sweats, it prompts him to undress, the body is quenched, then almost certainly comes colds. So you need to dress properly, to control their actions and to prevent such errors.

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