How to save the eyesight when working at the computer

How to save the eyesight when working at the computer
 In recent years, more and more people complain of eye fatigue. This is not surprising, because all 8 hours of working time many spend behind a computer screen, sending reports, taking the letter-writing or orders. And then come home - and again to the monitor: check personal e-mail or just play computer games. Bright colors, flickering screen, the proximity of the text and the frequent change of pictures - the eyes are not ready for such a load, and now you make an appointment with an ophthalmologist. All of this could have been avoided if every little attentive to their vision.

"Computer eye syndrome" - the so-called experts situation where reduced visual acuity, there is fatigue. To avoid this, it is necessary to adjust the load conditions: 40-45 minutes using the computer to give your eyes a rest for 10-15 minutes. Do not need during the holidays to read the newspaper or watch the news, look better move out of the window, on the grass, trees, view of the city or sit with your eyes closed.

In addition, with frequent use of the computer may appear syndrome of "dry eye", because when you look at the monitor we blink less frequently than during any other activity. Accordingly, the cornea is less washed tear, so there is a feeling of burning, dryness, "sand" in the eyes. Try to blink more often, just for a moment to close your eyes - this will give them the needed rest and allow less tired.

There are certain exercises for the eyes, which will also reduce their fatigue. Draw a point on the glass and try to focus on her eyes, then you need to loosen the focus. In addition, the beneficial influence eye movement in a circle, and from side to side (exercise should be done with both closed and open eyes), you can gently rub the eyes blink. If you notice redness, you should consult a doctor, you will have a special drops, gels century, which have a good soothing and anti-inflammatory effect.

Monitor the situation in the room in which working. Air must be moist, but do not get carried away with air conditioning: with the immoderate use, they also have a negative impact. Often ventilate the room clean and dust free. Put more plants near a computer, take vitamins for eyes and try to relax as much as possible.

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