How to quit smoking

How to quit smoking
 On the dangers of smoking, including passive, said and written so many that there is no need to repeat. Tobacco smoking - it's an addiction, from which you want to get rid of, because it harms human health.
 The fact that the main component of tobacco smoke - nicotine - has a narcotic effect. And so the smoking man falls into a real relationship. The body does not receive another dose of nicotine, gives him a whole bunch of unpleasant sensations: here and nausea, and irritability, and feelings of anxiety, frustration, confusion. Man it is difficult to endure, that stretches a hand for a new cigarette or cigarette.

But do not put yourself in advance on the "cross". Indeed, nicotine - a drug. However, the absence of a new dose does not result in excruciating pain during withdrawal. Yes, very unpleasant feeling. But it is only necessary for real, with all my heart to want to get rid of this addiction, hate it.

If you do - thrifty, frugal man who was not used to throwing your money away, try to calculate how much it costs you smoking. Even if you smoke less than a pack a day, the annual amount will still very impressive. Think about it: you could buy with that money a lot of products, or any appropriate clothing or household appliances. And instead of your own expense undermine their health. Is not that absurd? Such an argument can be decisive.

If you are a neat person, attach great importance to cleanliness and order, try to imagine what a disgusting smell coming from the mouth, from the hair, even from clothing smoker. You, unfortunately, to fully understand it can not be, because the products of combustion of tobacco scored your olfactory receptors. So ask outspoken on the subject of your non-smoker relative or friend. Believe me, what you hear will shake you to the core. Especially if you are a woman, because the idea that you smell bad, very painful.

Well, impressionable, squeamish person, it is recommended to see color illustrations in medical journals. One glance at the lungs of the smoker with the experience he can become bad.

Ways to convince myself, as you see, a lot. The main thing is manifest willpower. Quit smoking once and for all, without stretching and reducing the daily dose. Bite the bullet and wait a few days. Then becomes much easier. And you can say with pride: "I do not smoke! »

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