How to protect your heart

How to protect your heart
 Stress, excessive exercise and unhealthy lifestyle sometimes lead to malfunction of the heart. It usually starts with a harmless arrhythmias, but gradually leads to complex cardiovascular diseases. All this occurs because the person does not protect your heart.
 Cardiovascular disease, suffering almost half of humanity. Some people there are conditions such as incomplete right bundle branch block, and others - are more serious, such as cardio. In total there are several basic types of cardiovascular diseases.

Cardiac arrhythmias constitute violations of the sequence and frequency of contractions of different parts of the heart. Arrhythmias can cause both congenital and acquired factors. Among the latter are the most common metabolic disorders in the body to malfunction of the endocrine system. Arrhythmia, particularly tachycardia arise from the ingestion of certain drugs.

Heart block - cardiac conduction abnormalities associated with a sharp slowdown or cessation of the pulse to the heart muscle. There are two kinds of blockades: complete and incomplete. When complete blockade observed sudden cardiac arrest, resulting in possible even lethal iskhod.Takzhe marked cramps or fainting. Incomplete blockade is characterized by moderate bradycardia, muffled heart sounds.

Myocardial infarction and cardio - serious diseases of the heart, despite the fact that they are only minor complications to malfunction. They also arise due to hypertension - chronically raised blood pressure. These diseases are characterized by an acute lack of blood supply to the heart as a result of poor lifestyle choices and stress.

To protect your heart from the lungs as well as from serious illnesses, you must observe a number of simple rules. Firstly, the normal operation of the heart, as stated above, depends on healthy eating. Should not eat a lot of foods containing cholesterol. These include all animal fats and fatty meats. Furthermore, it should completely stop smoking, and alcohol consumption to minimize or to cease. It is very useful to eat raw fruits and vegetables - they contain a lot of vitamins B and C. Especially useful exotic fruits such as melon, persimmon. They comprise a compound capable of preventing vasoconstriction. It is also very useful to take folic acid, which is sold in any drugstore. The berries are very helpful cranberries and hawthorn. Hawthorn normalizes blood pressure, and cranberry increases good cholesterol.

An important condition for the prevention of cardiovascular disease is to control the pressure and weight. Even if you eat large amounts of fruits, you have a balanced diet, and you do not suffer from lack of vitamins, but still have excess weight, some risk of cardiovascular diseases remains. Frequent pressure increase is also a wake-up call. In both cases, you need to see a doctor to get it all and then did not lead to serious consequences.

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