How to improve memory

How to improve memory
 In humans, the memory deteriorates with age. It is interesting that no other mammals are not affected by this illness. Physiological explanations reduced ability to memorize information scientists have not yet discovered, but working on this problem. In order to maintain its ability to absorb new information at the same level, you need to follow certain rules: eat right and train your brain.

Memory - the ability of the central nervous system to absorb and store information, if necessary addressing thereto. Some people better remember anything, if you read this, another must-see with your own eyes, and the third will certainly listen to everything. Memory is divided into visual, auditory and motor for the senses, which are utilized in the process.

All information is stored in the human brain is forever, sometimes something is forgotten. On the basis of this criterion can be identified operational, long-term and immediate memory. Some things we do not need to remember more than a few seconds, we may not even be aware of the fact that store information on this time. Other times people remember all my life, or at least a few years.

The process of forgetting is much more difficult to study, because it is not possible to directly observe them. But scientists noticed that is very important psychological factor. The information that the person considers to be important, or who are seriously interested in him, he will remember for a long time. Many little things, no matter how hard you try to remember them, still fly out of my head because it represents small people.

Ability to remember important information depends on the health. If you notice a deterioration in memory, it is possible that the reason for this was any disease. Should be checked for hormonal disorders. In women, gynecological problems can also help to ensure that the memory is getting worse.

Since memory - is a function of the brain, then you need to eat right, providing it with nutrients. Vitamins and minerals, unsaturated fatty acids - all this is very important to keep your brain in good working condition. Products that are useful for the functioning of the central nervous system: milk, boiled potatoes (preferably in uniform), red meat, vegetables and fruits, nuts, beef liver, red meat, oily fish, bread from wheat flour, yogurt and other dairy derivatives .

To improve memory, it must be specially trained. You can memorize poems, playing mind games, solve problems and puzzles. From time to time update knowledge on important topics, remember the important new information. Learning foreign languages. Memory training helps to ensure that you learn to memorize all much faster. It is very useful to play chess, it is also the training for memory, thinking and strategic skills.

Physical activity helps to ensure that the whole body blood circulation improves, so will stabilize not only the work of memory, but other processes.

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