How to give up bad habits

How to give up bad habits
 Bad habits are human companions. Some acquire them at a young age and do not even think about the negative health effects. But with age, there is often a desire to get rid of them. To make it easier to survive the failure of the usual class, resort to some tricks.
 Get out entirely in the work that you did not have time to waste. To "smoke break" drink tea or coffee. If you sit at home, try to walk more and be entertained, engaged in household chores. You can not sit in one place, so you will constantly be at risk of re-break due to the large amount of free time. If you have the opportunity, playing sports - this is the best option.

Click seeds, nuts or caramel absorbable, if you need something to replace smoking. Harm from this there will be no, unless they can appear extra pounds. Gradually, you will realize that this activity you like it more than the previous one. If you are very strictly follow the figure, the dried fruit drink or chew gum.

Smoking cigarettes beznikotinovye to somehow escape. They are least harmful to health, but to get involved in this for a long time is not necessary. If you feel unimportant in the background of nicotine withdrawal, buy a special patch or electronic cigarette. Of course, nicotine will flow into your body, but you can gradually reduce the dose.

If you have an attachment to alcohol, all the more complicated. Just try to eat well, eat more fruits and vegetables. Take complexes, rich in vitamins B, Exercise and lead an active lifestyle. Do not get depressed, because it can lead you to the next breakdown. Simply look at the life and rejoice that surrounds you.

Refer to a psychiatrist or therapist if you can not in any way to get rid of bad habits. You will have a reception or special preparations or hypnotic procedure. Do not be shy, there's nothing wrong with that. Get rid of bad habits, you will feel much better and more energetic.

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