How to fight fatigue

How to fight fatigue
 You wake up and you have no power. How to relieve fatigue, if yesterday you had to be in shape? You can use meditation techniques, breathing with the active inhalation and exhalation sharp, relaxing bath with sea salt. As well as aromatic oils: lavender, orange, ylang-ylang. Listen to music. Buy some trinkets that have always wanted to, but his hands did not reach. Chat with a pleasant companion, go to a concert or the theater ...

In an age of technological progress and challenging environmental conditions, chronic fatigue - a true companion of man. What is needed in order to improve your health?

Adequate exercise.

That sport does no harm, do not load themselves beyond measure, but do not give up physical education at all. Walk for half an hour before going to bed, get up walking the stairs, go dancing. Your body will be better oxygenated, and you will have more energy.

Proper nutrition.

Per night and person spends a lot of energy to maintain metabolism and cell renewal. So do not limit yourself to chocolate on the way to work. Energy you get from it, but the unwanted calories - weight. The result of these snacks will be a hearty supper, after which the forces have been just enough to crawl into bed. Drink always early in the day a glass of clean water, tightly breakfast, and your body will thank you for it - constant tiredness replaced vigor and optimism.

Positive attitude

Beach modernity - depression. Do not run this state, refer to a psychologist who can help you get out of depression and look at the world more positively. Load himself with the affairs. If you want to - change jobs, get a hobby for everyone.

Attentive to cold

During his illness the immune system to its limits. And if you're going to fly a couple of days, and again rushed to the barricades with banners, you can easily undermine your health. During the cold let the soul and body to relax and cope with the disease. But do not lie in bed for a long time. While improving start doing light exercise, gradually increasing the load until you return to the previous healthy state.

Abandon unnecessary pills.

Tablets are often the cause of fatigue. The main enemies - it hypnotics, painkillers and antidepressants. And if we add alcohol to them, then you, like a bear, a long time can hibernate. If you are taking medication, and at the same time feel yourself tired, talk with your doctor to change medication or pick up the minimum dose.

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