Computer Health

Computer Health
 Often we hear about the dangers of the popular mind, long-term work at the computer. People sometimes do not know what exactly is harmful. Therefore it is necessary to understand what happens when we are working at the computer, and - what to do to maintain your health.

Misconception that comes from on the monitor radiation. In fact, the risk in another. During operation of the monitor electromagnetic radiation occurs, which leads to ionization of the air - a significant amount appears positive ions. These particles come to us in the lungs, spread with blood to all organs and tissues and cells alter the electrical charges. This leads to reduced immunity, a sense of anxiety, insomnia, irritability.

In addition, whenever the computer is formed around an electrostatic field that attracts dust. With long-term use of the computer you inhale the dusty air.

To reduce the harmful effects of the computer thoroughly and get out as often as possible in the room where it is located. That dust does not accumulate, do not leave on the computer desk mountain of papers and documents. Wipe antistatic work surface. Try more ventilation.

If you plan to spend at the computer for a long time, apply to the face moisturizing protective cream. At night, apply to face cotton pads soaked in the infusion of chamomile.

Do not forget about the eyes. The monitor should be at a distance of 70-80 cm away from your face, just below eye level, so as not to decreased visual acuity. Adjust brightness, contrast is not to tired eyes. Be sure to exercise your eyes. Tightly with lids, then unclench. Repeat several times. For the following exercise you need to select an object or a point in the distance. Look first at him, then move the view of the object or the proximal tip of the nose. Repeat several times.

Do not operate the computer in a dark room or in bright light. The screen should not be a reflection of your face, lamps and other items. The best option - to the same intensity of illumination of the screen and the room.

For the computer buy a special chair with adjustable height and backrest and seat with armrests. Your knees, hands, bent at the elbow, while the need to be at a right angle, back straight, shoulders slumped.

Take breaks, getting up from the workplace and completing a 2-3 minute warm-up. Make turns head, hands, bend a few times, walk around the room, etc. Spend time on the time of an arbitrary light massage brushes.

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