Big city and a healthy complexion

Big city and a healthy complexion
 Living in a big city, with its polluted atmosphere casts doubt on the existence of a healthy complexion. To date, the development of the cosmetics industry makes it possible for every woman living in the city, not only to maintain youthfulness and freshness, and elasticity of the skin.

Woman, walking down the street, often do not realize that the skin feels her face. Polluted air, which includes dust, exhaust gases, heavy metals and other toxic substances in addition to ultraviolet rays can make people forget about what a healthy complexion. Sun, which is the real source of life in the urban environment is simply disastrous for human health and beauty.

What impact that aggressive environment, not only leads to loss of face color, which is called healthy, but also to the onset of various physiological disorders. Gray skin is formed due to the fact that there is a protective film skin breakdown, which in turn leads to dehydration. Leather urban dwellers suffer from vitamin deficiency, and therefore premature aging occurs.

Many citizens may seem that they were at an impasse and are simply doomed to such a fate, but it is not so. The largest manufacturers of cosmetic products are constantly conducted various studies harmful effects of the atmosphere that prevails in the city, on the human skin. Therefore, cosmetic products, created solely for the purpose of protection of the natural functions that performs skin.

Wanting to preserve a beautiful complexion, you need to properly care for their skin, to lead a healthy lifestyle. You can consult a professional beautician, who will pick up for each woman foundation, which is known to help protect skin from the harmful effects of the surrounding atmosphere. Leather kids also are adversely affected, so they also need to lubricate the face, before going out on the street, some cream.

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