10 interesting facts about smoking

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 One of the biggest global challenges Russia early XXI century is smoking. Each year, smoking kills about half a million people. Listed below are the facts that are sure to be interested in both the smoker and the common man.

1. Smoke and money

Cigarettes - one of the most popular products on the planet. Their number for the year reached a trillion, which is about five hundred billion dollars in profits. One of the biggest and most successful industries in the world - the production of cigarettes.

2. There is never enough

Harvard University study showed that in some well-known brands of the nicotine content is increasing annually. For ten years the amount increased by as much as 11 percent.

3. Prevention of the Ministry of Health

President Richard Nixon, in 1970 signed a law providing for placement on each pack of cigarettes inscription "Ministry of Health warns ...", and also banned cigarette advertising on television all.

4. American brand

70 percent of the global cigarette market is owned brands Marlboro, Kent and Camel.

5. Chemistry

The composition of such cigarettes include hazardous substances such as arsenic, lead, hydrogen cyanide, carbon monoxide and another 46 carcinogens, causing various diseases.

6. Kent

In 1950 Kent used Srocidolite asbestos - a carcinogen that is contained in the filter.

7. Fragrances

To add "flavor" cigarettes, urea is used. It is the principal chemical compound.

8. Filter

In 1925 Boris Aivaz patented cigarette filter of corrugated paper.

9. Up to 18

In most countries, the sale of cigarettes to persons under the age of 18 is prohibited, and stood before the strap at around 16 years. In Japan, forbidden to smoke up to 20 years.

10. Health in the fog

Smoker loses about 15 years of life due to smoking, scientists say. However, a person who smokes all the time, rarely die young, it expects a "normal life."

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