There is no bad weather: prevention meteozavisimosti

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 It is only in the song that "all weather - grace." In practice, almost half of the inhabitants of large cities faced with such unpleasant phenomenon as meteozavisimost. Particularly sensitive to changes in the weather people suffering from lung diseases, joints and cardiovascular system. Unfortunately, if you meteosensitive, completely ceases to depend on the vagaries of weather you are unlikely to succeed, but to significantly reduce the symptoms completely in your power.

Meteozavisimost can be as an independent pathology and companion of chronic disease. So, before you engage in the prevention and treatment meteozavisimosti, you should see a specialist and get tested. Most often, there are unpleasant symptoms meteosensitivity pathology associated with the vascular system. Check the condition of the vessels of the body can be spending their ultrasound diagnostics.

In cases where the reaction of your body to the changing weather conditions not related to the disease, the best way to go through this trouble for you will be the normalization of sleep and rest, avoiding harmful habits, proper nutrition, hardening, and moderate exercise. You'd be surprised what kind of results you can achieve in the fight against meteodependent performing simple recommendations of doctors.

Frequent stress, rush jobs on the job, the constant lack of sleep - all this reduces the body's defenses and, therefore, your body begins to overreact to any weather fluctuations. In the first place, set himself to sleep. You need to go to bed no later than midnight, it was in the period from 22 to 24 hours, our body is able to relax and recover as much as possible the lost energy. Do not forget to relax before going to sleep: evening walk, a complex of light exercise or aromatherapy to help you relax and tune in to the holiday.

Pay attention to your diet. In your menu must be present seafood, seaweed, fresh vegetables and fruits, nuts, honey, herbs and garlic. In adverse to your health days, try not to participate in a feast with lots of fatty, fried, spicy dishes. If possible, avoid alcohol and reduce the consumption of meat. Do not forget about the water regime: a day you should drink at least 2-2, 5 liters of fluid, preferably in the form of vegetable or fruit juices.

Another way to help get rid of meteozavisimosti - is hardening. Pouring cold water and douche perfectly strengthen the immune system and help to cope with the symptoms of the disease. Importantly, remember that in all important measure. Starting hardening procedures, reduce the temperature of the water gradually, or else run the risk of hypothermia.

In the "dangerous" days try to rest as much as possible. If possible, go to a forest or city: fresh air will help you painlessly survive any weather changes. It is also useful to engage in sports exercises: swimming, running, cycling, skiing or skating. Physical activity reduces meteosensitivity and improve your health in general.

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