The harm of cigarettes for women

The harm of cigarettes for women
 Smoking harms the health of both men and women. Toxic compounds present in the cigarette can destroy cells. Still, this woman addiction causes greater harm.
 A woman's body has a greater sensitivity to nicotine in contrast to the male. This is because they have a smaller volume of the chest, and more intense metabolism. In smokers more common cervical cancer, menstrual cycle disruption, osteoporosis, miscarriages, lung cancer, strokes and other serious diseases. This habit can harm all vital organs, which often leads to premature death.

A woman who is exposed to smoking, it is difficult to conceive. But even if this happens, there is a strong likelihood that it can not bear fruit, or give birth to a healthy baby does not. Cigarettes are substances which greatly damage the egg. Sperm to fertilize the affected hard egg. But if conception happens, the fetus will develop correctly or may die. The result of years of smoking equate to the removal of the ovaries.

Nicotine is capable of harm and the fallopian tubes, which are lined with ciliated epithelium. Harmful substances destroy these cilia, which leads to the impossibility of passing into the uterus of a fertilized egg. If a woman, in spite of all the above, became pregnant, she had virtually no chance of having a healthy baby. Toxins are cigarettes reduce vessels and result in difficult delivery of red blood cells in the placenta. Fetus begins anoxia.

In the process themselves smokers give birth traps as many problems. Chance of a great loss of blood due to the wrong location of the placenta, which often leads to the death of mother and child.

Babies born to mothers having the habit, often lag behind in development, they happen violation of the nervous system, they are sick.

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