Test drive the electronic cigarette: What's the catch?

Test drive the electronic cigarette: What's the catch?
 Recently began to gain popularity of electronic cigarettes. They do a lot of advantages. But for those who are going to go with the usual smoking cigarettes on the news, they still have a number of not very obvious shortcomings.

Inside the electronic cigarette battery and is equipped with a steam generator. This mechanism starts to work when a smoker inhaling. Simultaneously, at the opposite end a reddish light. With the ability to change the filter cartridge that contains nicotine and flavors, you can change the fortress and the flavor of the cigarette. One filter, depending on its type, is 15-50 cigarettes. Smoke blocked (as compared to a plaster, chewing gum and the respective tablets) is more effective rejection of cigarettes.

The main advantages of electronic cigarettes is that they taste nicer. They do not smoke, although there is an illusion of smoke and, accordingly, it eliminates the odor and hair on things. Electronic cigarettes are safe in terms of fire safety.

At first glance, everything works perfectly, especially for those who have decided to quit the habit with the help of electronic novelties. However, in practice, still there are some pitfalls in the use of sound from all sides of cigarettes.

Electronic cigarette smoking easier and therefore more difficult to quit the habit.

Such a cigarette lasts longer, you can enjoy it even more than an hour - as opposed to a conventional cigarette, which accounts for throwing, as soon as it will burn down to the filter. Therefore, a person has to decide for themselves when they need to stop. And self-control is not present at all.

By smoking electronic cigarette, people inspire myself that does not smoke, so he found a wonderful alternative option, but in actual fact he still gets nicotine, since the filter still contains it.

Another drawback - the cost of cigarettes. In fact, to get a toy need to 2000-4000 rubles. And if we add the cost of replacement filters (which comes to 400 rubles per 5 pieces), we find that the use of this new product is several times more expensive than smoking.

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