Smile as much as possible - you laugh opens wonders

Smile as much as possible - you laugh opens wonders
 Smile can work wonders in a person's life. Everybody knows who once changed his gloomy mood on the habit of constantly smiling. Smile fills life with joy, and the body - health. And indeed it is.

In the body of a smiling man produces the hormone of joy, which is an excellent pain reliever. Try to laugh when you hurt. You will not notice how laughter, even through tears, take away your pain.

On the face of a smiling man working 17 facial muscles. Smile improves the skin, as well as a beneficial effect on the blood supply of the brain. In the human body while smiling produce more immunoglobulin, which strengthens the immune system.

In addition to the positive effects on the body, smile helps you to quickly find a common language with all people. If a man you seemed interesting enough to be just a sincere smile at him, and he can not help but smile back.

Thanks smile you can find a common language with any person. Smile evokes a feeling of sympathy for you, makes people feel you trust. That is why large companies require their managers to work with clients that they are constantly at work smiling.

You can put out any conflict if smile in response to the aggression directed against you. Try it and be surprised how quickly a friendly smile knocks the most aggressive type of ground from under the feet.

Also has a smile truly magical properties - if you have a bad mood, you just need to fix a smile on your face and try to keep it for a few minutes. Then you will see that your attitude has changed as if by magic.

Smiling makes you feel strong, attractive and confident. Smiling, you're talking about the world and yourself that you are all well. Therefore, smile more often, and your life will really be filled with happiness and joy.

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