Sight at 100 without glasses and lenses

Sight at 100 without glasses and lenses
 In a world of constantly growing number of people who have any vision problems. But if you follow a few guidelines, you can save your eyesight and even improve it.
 To save his sight, first you need to protect your eyes from glare and UV rays. Also avoid strong winds, which may carry a litter. It is not recommended, and spend a lot of time on the computer, watching television and reading. Everything should be in moderation.

At least twice a week, include in your diet oily fish, such as salmon, tuna, salmon. This product contains a lot of omega-3, which are very useful for human vision. If you do not like fish, maintain normal vision will help nuts. They also have the desired fatty acid. Adult enough to eat a hundred grams of nuts a day to sight was a perfect match.

Do not neglect sleep, be sure to get enough sleep. After all, at this time the body is resting, including our eyes. A child needs to sleep 9-10 hours, and adults - 7-9.

You do not need lenses and glasses, if you eat blueberries and carrots. Eat a couple of carrots every day and drink a glass of blueberry juice. It is desirable to abandon or reduce its salt intake to a minimum. Avoid sharp and products. Do not smoke, do not abuse of alcoholic beverages.

Regularly do exercises for the eyes. Take several times a day a simple and effective exercise. Look at a distant object, and then immediately turn the eyes on an object that is close to you. Help and massage. Every morning, after sleeping Swipe your finger across the lower eyelid from the nose to the temple both eyes. More often blink.

Nourish your eyes. Most of all they need vitamins A, B and C and minerals from potassium. Take special dietary supplements and vitamin complexes, but it's prior consent of a doctor to rule out contraindications. Adhering to these simple tips, your vision will always be on top.

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