Promote health by autumn

Promote health by autumn
 Warm summer season gives every woman the opportunity to improve their health, to go on vacation and prepare for the winter, but not everyone can find the time and money for the annual trips to the south of the country. Even if a woman is in the summer, it can make every effort to improve their own health and improve mood.

At the resorts sea air and sun rejuvenate and revitalizes the body, and a reasonable amount of UV light helps produce endorphin hormone of happiness. To soak up the sunshine, do not necessarily go to other countries, especially if you can not escape from the city - just try to spend the weekend in the countryside. To do this, you can go to a country station or go on a picnic with a tent.

Drink plenty of peach, orange, apricot and carrot juice, preferably fresh - they contain useful vitamins and, thanks to these juices, your skin will become faster in the sun a beautiful tan. Do not forget to use special oils for tanning - they make it smoother, and care for the skin, moisturizing it.

Analogue of sea water can be concentrated bath salt from the Dead Sea or the Mediterranean, which relaxes and tones the body, and to strengthen the muscles of swimming, you can enroll in the pool. From time to time arrange a real home spa with sea salt, essential oils and scrubs of coffee, salt and honey. Do not take a bath with salt more than an hour, and after a bath rest, wrapped in a warm towel or bathrobe.

In order that the body did not feel in the summer days the lack of oxygen, it is necessary to walk several times a week in urban green areas - parks, forests, botanical gardens. Buy mineral water enriched with ozone and try from time to time to drink oxygen cocktails.

On the eve of the fall becomes particularly relevant improvement of immunity - an effective way to prevent colds is normal walking barefoot on the grass and rocks. Walk barefoot in nature twice a week, and the immune system returns to the desired state.

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