Mini-skirts: beautiful legs or lost health?

Mini-skirts: beautiful legs or lost health?
 Beauty requires sacrifice! Know about it all. But how expensive the victims requires miniskirt winter know those who have already experienced all the "charm" of the consequences. Late fall or early winter rarely pleased with the good weather. At such times, I want to wrap myself up in warm clothes and put out on the street, even the nose. But life is seething and it is necessary to adapt to the weather conditions.

It was during the cold season clothes should carry out not only aesthetic function, but also to protect from the cold and wind. The most common problem with a lover to wear short skirts in the cold - an inflammation of the pelvic organs. Of course, the appearance of inflammatory stimulus may be not only the supercooling and spicy food and stress effects and other diseases.

One of the most serious diseases associated with hypothermia is inflammation of the fallopian tubes. Appendages of sterile nature as their territory only appear bacteria or viruses, inflammation begins. Hypothermia weakens the immune defense, and he alone can not fight infections. Inflammation of the fallopian tubes has no overt signs, so not a concern. In some cases, may appear dull pain in the abdomen, which are perceived as a temporary phenomenon. If the disease run, disturbed menstrual function in appendages appear adhesions and fertilization impossible. That is so because of the mini-skirt girls become infertile.

Another effect of hypothermia is cystitis. It is an inflammation of the mucous membrane of the bladder, which manifests itself in a burning sensation in the area of ​​the urethra, drawing pains in the abdomen and frequent urging to the toilet. Treatment of cystitis - a lengthy process. Often the disease spills over into the chronic form. None of disease associated with hypothermia does not depend on the woman's age. There is the risk of suffering as a girl of 10 years and an adult lady.

The appearance of inflammation, many women make the mistake of starting wrapped up warmly and warm problematic areas. This can not be done, because inflammation can only intensify. Engage in self useless condition can only get worse. The most right thing in this case - timely access to a doctor and long-term use of medicines. But all this can be avoided if you wear during the cold season warm clothes and shoes. Beautiful legs can show summer.

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