Memory impairment - an inevitable process?

Memory impairment - an inevitable process?
 As a teenager, you can slap yourself on the forehead and said with a laugh: "Well, I forgot. Sclerosis! "The older we get, the less ridiculous manifestations seem forgetfulness. After all, it tells us that the body, no matter how hard you try, is aging. But is memory loss with age - the inevitable and unavoidable phenomenon? So you want as long as possible to remain young, clear all remember, not breaking through the fog of forgetfulness.  

Firstly, you should not immediately panic and diagnose Alzheimer's disease itself after several cases of forgetfulness. Quite possibly, this has not yet forgetfulness and absentmindedness simply a manifestation of weakened attention. And many diseases that cause memory impairment, is now treated bad and can be prevented by prophylactic measures.

These measures are simple and easy to do, the sooner you prefer your health, especially long will your youth, the farther away it is the emergence of such symptoms of aging as memory impairment.

Try to eat less food rich in fat, sugar and carbohydrates. What is not good for our body and our brain is harmful. Eat more fruits and vegetables, fish, steamed foods, seeds, nuts and herbs. Such a diet would be beneficial, and the health of the brain.

Same bad habits like smoking and alcohol, also eventually cause memory impairment. Get rid of them, and your memory will last longer clear and tenacious.

Oxygen is essential for normal functioning of the brain. Therefore, more walk in the fresh air. If the physical condition permits, and try to do some kind of exercise program - during physical activity increases the amount of oxygen entering the bloodstream. But just a regular walk will benefit greatly.

Elevated blood sugar causes memory impairment. Need to control this rate throughout the life, because the development of diabetes threatens dire consequences, and memory loss - only one of them.

And of course, the memory can and should be trained. There are a number of exercises regularly doing that, you can significantly improve your ability to remember.

For example, if you need to remember lyrics, remember it word for word, and meaning. Isolate the main ideas contained in it, make a plan in his head, and after a while, try to reproduce.

Going to the store, do not make a list - try to remember what you need purchase. You can group them by value. For example, household chemicals - powder, dishwashing detergent, dinner - bread, cucumber, sour cream, hygiene items - toothpaste, soap, etc.

Try less often use a calculator at home - leave it to the workers calculations. Practise mental arithmetic, as when he was a child. Even these simple guidelines can prolong youthfulness of your brain, be a friend to ourselves, train memory!

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