Medicinal properties of laughter

Medicinal properties of laughter
 Medicinal properties of laughter studying special science - geloterapiya. Everyone knows the saying "laughter prolongs life" and each of us with this statement certainly agree. What, after all, lies behind such familiar physiological phenomenon of laughter?

Scientists claim that laughter not only occurs as a manifestation of positive emotions, but by itself can cause a good mood and positive attitude to reality. Therefore, geloterapevty recommend to laugh with or without cause.

It turns out that laughter causes the hormone endorphin pleasure in certain brain structures. This allows a person to easily move mental and physical pain - endorphin increases the pain threshold.

In the process of laughter usually involves about 80 muscles. Therefore, we can say that laughter - is a certain exercises for the body. Work facial muscles improves blood circulation of the brain and participate in laughter abdominal muscles actively massages the internal organs and improves digestion (increases the secretion of digestive glands and perestaltika).

During laughter person breathes differently: prolonged inhalation and exhalation is shortened, there are large differences in pressure within the pleural cavity. This contributes to a significant improvement (acceleration) gas exchange in the lungs, and hence prevention of diseases of the lungs and bronchi. And also trains vessels.

Stress, indoor and repressed emotions can cause chronic diseases. Laughter improves mood, helps fight depression, helps to express emotions most harmless way. Therefore, the statement "laughter prolongs life" is quite true.

In smehoterapii there are three areas: medical clowning, classical laughter therapy and yoga laughter. In our country smehoterapii techniques practiced infrequently.

Classical therapy sessions organized group smehoterapii with watching comedies, discussion of funny stories and anecdotes. Medical clowning helps patients mainly children's hospitals to maintain a positive mood cheerful. A Laughter Yoga teaches the right attitude towards life and harmless to health to express their emotions.

Feature laughter treatment is that it does not limit the number and us receiving method "drug." And, of course, has no contraindications.

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