Laughter and Health

Laughter and Health
 It turns out laughing - it is a serious matter, which not only helps to improve your mood, but also to improve their health. Scientists have even created a special science of laughter - gelotologiya that examines the nature of this physiological phenomenon and the possibility smehoterapii.

Laughter is natural for human beings. Healthy people do not make it without a single day, because, feeling the need to exit the emotions elect the most pleasant and inoffensive option. Laughter helps strengthen joyful and good mood and share them with others.

Gelotologi scientists say that laughter is not only useful for joy, but for joy. That is, if you force yourself to laugh, then, in the end, improve mood and attitude towards life.

From the perspective of the physiology of laughter stimulates endorphin hormone pleasure in certain brain structures. Endorphin is a powerful anti-stress and analgesic factor enhances the adaptive capacity of the body and increases the threshold of perception of physical pain.

In addition, laughter indirectly improves blood circulation in the brain due to the work of mimic muscles, strengthens the immune system, memory, and reduces fatigue. In total, in the act of laughing together about vosmidesyati different muscles.

The active participation of muscles of the anterior abdominal wall in the process of laughter gives a tangible positive impact on the internal organs - improves circulation of the abdominal cavity and stimulates digestion.

During laughter the rhythm of breathing changes - breath becomes long and short breath, there is a significant fluctuation of intrapleural pressure. All this increases the gas exchange in the lungs for several times and reduced pressure in hypertensive patients.

Currently, laughter therapy is divided into three areas: classical laughter therapy (individual and group sessions with discussion of funny incidents and anecdotes), medical clowning (rarely done and only in children's hospitals) and laughter yoga (the study of the culture of laughter). Each of the areas only receive their development and are promising areas of psychology and medicine.

Laugh - it's a drug that has no side effects and contraindications. So do not be afraid to laugh at home and at work, infect them all around, so is the laughter brings only benefits to the physical and mental condition.

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