How to survive the heat

How to survive the heat
 Here again, the heat has come! The thermometer rises steadily. Office without air conditioning, public transport without a breath of fresh air, a disappointing outlook from the sun and calm. How to survive the heat? Can present themselves on the beach with an easy breeze caressing your skin? No, it does not help the imagination and thirst and clothes cling to the body, reminiscent of the unfortunate weather.

Brace yourself and knowledge into a fist and make a list of necessary for survival in the heat.

The first item will supply water. The heat is terrible dehydration. Person should drink more in hot weather - up to 2, 5 liters per day, so please bottles coveted moisture. We will not let salivating on sodas and sugary drinks, mineral water or just take a cool green tea. If you have to plug in the truck, put in a bag and even a bottle of boiled water. When approaching fainting that will be poured on his head. The ice will treat with care: stupid in the heat to catch a sore throat.

The second item will correct clothing, footwear and headgear. Striking out synthetics, tights and dark, heavy hat. Opt for cotton and flax. Headdress - only light and thin. Get rid of, despite the protests of possible superiors of the tie and jacket. Let the boss himself is steamed, and we - are not supporters of heat stroke. Select the maximum open shoes. If you have to walk a lot, it's better to wear loose textile shoes or sandals, as the feet in the evening can be very drowsy.

The third item on the list is a shower at every opportunity. At work, pamper yourself a little water from the dispenser. To do this, you can use any empty bottle out of deodorant. Arms, shoulders, neck, hair and face is always possible to freshen up, even without leaving the table. Houses accept douche - as often as you'd like.

Fourth on the list - the walk. If possible, limit your access to the outdoors during the day from 12 to 16 hours. If the heat output is inevitable - Moves short dashes in the shade of the trees.

Fifth - fan or air conditioning. At work, demanding better working conditions: dining sleep, air conditioning, complimentary mineral water. With enough-flow heads can become generous to the fan.

The last point - cosmetics. We try to minimize the use of foundation and blush. The more skin to breathe, so we cooler. Do not spray on exposed areas of the body deodorants and perfumes. Burns in the sun at these places we just do not decorate. Those who have pale skin burns quickly in makeup should be added by means of tanning with a maximum degree of protection.

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